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Trellis Netting Alternative

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Working with trellis netting can be a nightmare for some of us. The benefits are undeniable though. A supported branch grows bigger buds is the basic concept here. Plants are naturally trying to fall to the ground to put their seed to the ground. When we support these branches they tend to put more weight on as a response. It's that simple folks.

Notice the consistency of the cola development at the optimal distance from our lights.

Obviously there are many variables to success in every garden. But this simple concept can help almost any farmer increase their yields. Growing consistently sized tops of high quality nugs is the other benefit to this method.

Trellis made from bamboo and wire fence.

The 2 major categories of a trellis is vertical and horizontal. Both are self explanatory. We like to capitalize on both of these styles by using cattle fence around our grow containers for a vertical support while topping this off with our horizontal trellis seen in the picture above. See the picture below for our vertical setup. The one sits right on top of the other and is zip tied to it for support. Both pieces can be used over and over again once they are made. They last for years. Simply wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol between each use to keep them clean and to prevent a build up of sticky trichomes that collect dirt.

This is definitely our own take on scrogging or trellis netting and it works well for us. Put your own twist on it and have some fun. This is just one thing we can do that offers amazing results with a small investment.

We place our top or horizontal trellis on the same day we put our plants into flowering. The burst of growth our plants will experience during the first 2 weeks of flowering or "transition" allows us the opportunity to train our plants by pulling them further and further out through the holes in our fence. We like our plants to be as tall or a little taller than our vertical fence trellis. Pulling the branches out through each hole and filling them all is the goal of this entire process. The end results speak for themselves and will usually increase the yields of almost any garden. The real reward is in the consistent nugs of equal size that have amazing jar appeal in my opinion.

Happy farming!

Uncle Pete

Vertical trellis made with cattle fence.
Filling all the holes is best. The one in this picture could of been trained better. Putting the top or horizontal trellis on at the right time is important. So is pulling the tops through and training our plants as they go through transition.


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