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What Happened to Michigan Marijuana Caregivers?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 allowed residents of Michigan to take part in a medical marijuana program as initiated by the people. Understanding this was a people initiated act is important. Isn't it amazing that with all that is happening in Michigan today that the only issue that manages to cross party lines enough to get a 75% majority is marijuana? This is not a coincidence.

The state boasts about sales in the range of over $100,000,000 per month. Taking their cut of this and the bribes offered to legislators directly by corporations and individuals is the only thing that could sway both parties to agree on anything. Money and greed at the expense of Michigan residents. All of this under the superficial guise of protecting our citizens with regulated and tested cannabis products. Testing is a joke at best. There is no science involved. No factual representation of what is or is not in a product. They simply put out a list of things that will pass or fail and the cannabis is manipulated into a passing state by radiation or ozone treatment as well as many other unethical and unhealthy practices. Some of Michigan's grows are littered with mold and mildew that is simply washed off and ran through the magical radiation machine to pass tests. Sad but so true.

Michigan caregivers are the most experienced and educated cannabis farmers and processors in the state. Our states dispensaries were supplied by caregivers for a long time while these legislative and corporate thugs maneuvered and manipulated the marijuana environment into what we see today. It will get much worse before it gets better. None of these caregivers qualify for or participate in holding a state licensed facility. Some of them sold out and are being employed by these big boys of cannabis. But none of us got a license or a seat at the table we built.

Michigan patients dependent upon medical marijuana to treat themselves with simply cannot rely on dispensaries to provide a medical grade product at all. Much less afford to continuously pay the extremely high prices forced upon them by over regulation. The state wants its cut. The corporations will get there's too. The patients will go without. It is that simple. There is not even a shadow of protocols put in play to protect patients in any way from contaminated products that will get people sick. The sore throat and heaviness in my chest did not go away for 2 days after smoking 1 dispensary joint.

What happened?

With the passing of HB 4517 we are left in a cloud of confusion. This legislation does not represent any type of viability or legal platform. It is literally not worth the paper it is written on and will be shredded in the courts in the years to come. It is just a means to an end and nothing more. The result of corporate bribes and general corruption within our states government. The basic results are that the definitions of hemp and marijuana have been changed. Nobody really understand what they mean or how they apply....but they are comfortable and cozy for the dispensaries and the legislators apparently?

This superficial and unfounded platform of protecting people from bad marijuana by having all products go through state testing and grown under close supervision is exactly that....superficial. First they create this language and fear that suddenly cannabis is different that food or anything else we consume? Do you trust your cooking or do you require the state to have it tested before you consume it? Do the vegetables we grow in our garden need to be tested before we donate them to the family next door? Can you imagine a single product or service that has been improved by regulations? Since when do legislators have any say in what we grow and consume in our own homes or share with our neighbors?

Who makes better chicken soup? The state of Michigan or your grandmother? It really is that simple folks. While the legislators and corporate thugs believe they have this all wrapped up.....we have some news for them.

We will not tolerate such corruption and disrespect for the poor and sick people of Michigan. You have destroyed family after family with each and every new piece of legislation put out in the last 2 years and we are all done with your bullshit. Keep lying to the people of Michigan and keep up your corruption. We will see you all hang from the pole of prosecution soon enough. You can only drive so many people out of there livelihood before it blows back in your face. The war on drugs is nothing new. Looks like it is just beginning in Michigan. This time the criminals are wearing suits and have all the power of the largest gang in the state behind them. Michigan police now represent a large portion of dispensary owners in this state. Interesting as that may be, it is disgusting in every way. Nobody has gotten away with breaking more laws or manipulating the system than police. It is not mystery they are attracted to the cannabis business with the state on their side.

Lawmakers in the Michigan House of Representatives have introduced a plan to update the way the state licenses marijuana growers who sell products to patients as caregivers. Under changes proposed in House Bills 5300-5302, caregivers would have to register for a Specialty Medical Grower license. More on these in future articles.

There is nothing legal, constitutional, morally correct, or civil about the legislation that has been proposed or how it is being done. It is an exact example of how crooked this state truly is. Meanwhile, there are thousands of people in prison for this very same plant that Michigan profits from so much. Nothing could be more offensive.

Uncle Pete


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