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Treating Your Pet With Cannabis

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Below is the link for the recipe Uncle Pete uses to make medicine for his pets.

A growing number of veterinarians believe cannabidiol (CBD) products derived from hemp as well as medicine made from full spectrum cannabis can be effective in treating an array of health issues in dogs and cats from mobility issues to cancer, but federal and state laws make it nearly impossible for them to discuss it with pet owners like many other effective natural treatments. The major difference between the two are the laws. CBD products can be shipped worldwide and are effective for many pets, while cannabis products can only be purchased in person or made at home. Discussing these things with your local vet could either go very well or it could be unapproachable. That does not mean it is not the best medicine for us or our pets. It simply exposes the significant gap between reality and our current legislation.

Vets don’t have the authority to prescribe a Schedule I drug, so it is impossible for a quick trip to the local veterinarian to yield these products for your pet. In fact, in many states they are barred from counseling pet owners on the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis.

Currently it’s a conversation that has to be had carefully between veterinarians and pet owners so nobody gets into legal jeopardy. In other words, it is best to do it yourself. Acquiring CBD products is as simple as finding a product on Amazon from a source you can trust. Understanding the source and process utilized can be a nightmare. That is why we have done the work for you by recommending the same products that we use on our pets at home.

Uncle Pete's Dogs Waiting For Medicine

Because many veterinarians risk their licenses and criminal prosecution for prescribing cannabis to pets, they have to be very careful in how they talk about the plant. We have our First Amendment freedom of speech to speak directly about this as long as we are not giving medical advice. If we’re giving educational information it’s a much easier situation. So that is exactly what we are doing here. Providing some free information to help you decide what is best for your pet.


Cancer is the scariest diagnosis and one we hear all to often these days. Although it may seem unfathomable that your pet could ever grow weak from cancer, it is an all-too-common reality for pets today. Diagnosing cancer or other lumps and bumps in pets is not always an option for pet owners. The good news is that with cannabis or hemp treatments, it is always the same.

Sadie Mellows While Medicated

If you notice that your pet has lost weight, lost their appetite, are reluctant to exercise and are suffering from unusual swellings or sores that won’t go away, you should take him to the vet right away. If that is not an option, starting your pet on CBD or cannabis as a medicine is the best way to take things into your own hands. Being a responsible pet owner does not always require breaking the bank. Making lumps and bumps go away without those extra expenses can be quite simple with the right products.

Treatment for cancer is as simple as starting with low doses and working your way up until the symptoms cease. Cannabis treatment can help increase appetite, improve general health and well being, and make lumps and bumps disappear. It sounds too good to be true, but this is exactly how we treated our dog and many others that have come to us for assistance.


Pet seizures are one of the most emotionally and physically wearing situations for both our pets and us. Seeing your beloved pet suffer from a seizure is something that most pet parents hope to never see. However, seizures in pets are a reality that must be recognized, diagnosed, and treated properly.

Pet seizures vary from animal to animal. They can be subtle or violent, a one-time occurrence, or a repeated event. However, one thing remains the same across all accounts – if not treated properly, seizures in pets will occur more frequently and may become more violent.

We understand that pet seizure treatment often comes with large veterinary bills and medications with undesirable side-effects. Fortunately, there are natural, supplemental therapies that pet parents can turn to for an epileptic pet.

Based on our experience, stopping seizures in pets is as simple in most cases as finding the proper ratio of THC to CBD. Low doses of both are recommended in equal ratios. Going up from there can help achieve the desired results of no more seizures. A consistent dose on a regular basis is key to success here.


Animals love to be active; it’s their natural instinct. Achy joints, arthritis, inflammatory joint disease, or other illnesses can cause our pets to want to slow down. That can be hard to watch as a loving pet parent.

Although many joint issues (including arthritis) are not curable, they can be managed if treated early. If you notice that your pet is reluctant to run or jump, yelps when you touch a specific area, or is skipping out on their favorite activities, then it’s time to take action. CBD and cannabis products can be the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents on the planet. Either of these choices will help your pet's mobility - it is just a matter of how much. Our own 14-year-old dog Lola seemed to come back to life after starting her on low dose cannabis treats.


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