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Reports of Expired & Bad Cannabis Purchased At Michigan Dispensaries Are Stacking Up

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Marijuana sold in California expires. Marijuana sold in Ohio has an expiration date. Everywhere else with licensed cannabis dispensaries follows this most basic of concepts. Michigan has abandoned any concept of health and safety and moved forward with a very profitable protocol instead. Marijuana simply does not expire in Michigan. Imagine being afforded such luxury in your business? It must be nice.

Ohio's marijuana clearly states a harvest date as well as an expiration date.

How is it possible that Michigan has completely dropped this ball? They claim that the tested and regulated market is required to protect consumers from potentially harmful products? Yet have nothing more than this superficial and overwhelming systematic standard of over regulation that has no practical role outside of increasing expense to the consumers? Meanwhile countless batches of contaminated products are degrading on shelves every day in Michigan without any potential for further testing or any safety net in play to protect consumers?

The quality of cannabis degrades over time even when it is stored properly in a cool and dark space sealed in an airtight jar. The flavor degrades, the smell weakens, the potency lessens, and the overall quality goes downhill with every month it is stored. The common guidelines in play in most states is 1 year for flower. In my opinion this is quite liberal and most consumers would much prefer to have a much fresher product than 1 year old. No different than food. Even if you freeze it, it just isn't the same the older it gets.

There is also a risk of mold and or mildew developing while storing cannabis. Especially if it was present at the time of harvest. Growing with mold and mildew is a common practice among licensed grows that are under such tremendous pressure to perform. Consumer safety takes a much lower priority when your investors are breathing down your throat and you are under such pressure to put x amount of cannabis per month/per year. The result is these folks are radiating their cannabis for upwards of 6 to 24 hours to kill every living microbe in their product for the sole purpose of passing state tests. Hemp is required to be tested throughout the growing process while cannabis gets this free pass before processing and after testing? Something just does not jive here. Consumer safety and quality products are the furthest thing from the conversation. Confusing laws, bogus regulations, and a very sincere effort to monopolize this industry by corporate thugs is only possible in this constantly increasing environment of corruption we find out Michigan legislators wrapped up in.

Michigan has truly dropped the ball in testing. The tests required and utilized are not accurate, do not represent modern scientific standards or equipment, and are quite frankly nothing more than a superficial shield to support the language of specific legislation. They are simply put in play to protect this monopoly being created through a corporate takeover of the cannabis business and our legislators alike here in the great state of Michigan. Testing does not test for mold or mildew. They test for bacteria. Good bacteria or bad bacteria will cause a failed test. Any healthy plant that is alive has beneficial bacteria in it's soil. It is exactly how any forest stays healthy by maintaining a healthy microbial life within its soil. In other words.....marijuana is usually radiated for several hours before testing to assure that all of this microbial life is dead. It does not matter if it ever had mold or mildew on it. It only matters if it passes the test.

Do you trust tested and regulated marijuana in Michigan? Many folks are having some bad experiences and issues after purchasing this stuff. Sore throats, heavy feeling in the chest, coughing, nausea, and more are quite common complaints by consumers.

The MRA asked medical marijuana patients to report and adverse product reactions to the agency by email at or by phone at 517-284-8579.

File a Complaint If you have any questions about inspections of marijuana businesses, i.e. medical marijuana facilities and adult-use marijuana establishments, please call (517) 284-8597 or send an email to: You can also write to us at the following address: Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Marijuana Regulatory Agency P.O. Box 30205 Lansing, MI 48909

Uncle Pete


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