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Parkinson's Disease: From Hopeless & Helpless to Playing 3 Instruments

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

"Parkinson Patterson" is how he introduced himself to us that afternoon in Ohio. Jim was a humble fella, soft spoken and gentle by nature. He was a well spoken and well dressed man. I assumed he had just received this diagnosis and was here to learn a little......Little did I know what I was about to learn.

Jim was 100 percent bedridden. His wife helped him in and out of bed to use the portable toilet that sat there next to his bed. He could not feed himself any more. I would guess Jim at about 60 years old or so. Age really isn't that relevant. This man was on his way out without hope....or so he thought. Jim and I happen to have a mutual friend. His name is "Red". Red and Jim had met briefly before and talked about cannabis and tremors due to the common thread they shared in fighting this same type of battle. Red had found major relief by using cannabis for his tremors after a major aneurysm.

Red decided to pay Jim a visit after hearing of his recent decline and offered to share some cannabis with him. He was not allowed to smoke upstairs so they carried Jim down to the basement of this Ohio home to commence to medicating. Jim hit a vape pen a few times and then another few times. They were sitting, laughing, talking, etc. Suddenly Jim says, "I will be right back", as the other 2 guys (Red had a buddy with him) just kind of looked at each other thinking....well you can imagine. But to their surprise, Jim popped up and walked up the stairs under his own power. Whoa!!!

Jim is a bit of a show off he carries back down the stairs his guitar case. He sits down, pulls out this guitar, and busts out some CCR!!! Holy Shit!!!!

Fast forward just a couple months and this man drove himself over 2 hours to visit us and share his story. I have witnessed many amazing things with cannabis but this one has to take the cake. He is walking, talking, playing musical instruments 3 at a time, and thriving. He still lives with Parkinson's but this guy isn't going anywhere too soon.

Another job well done simply by sharing some free information. If you wish to make a difference by doing the same, share this story.

Uncle Pete


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