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Michigan Caregivers Proved Cannabis Kills Cancer. Our Legislators Proved That Doesn't Matter

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The firm grasp of corporate greed is sqeezing tighter every day around the throats of Michigan marijuana caregivers. Proposed legislation threatens to virtually eliminate any benefits to remaining part of the states licensed program as a caregiver. Growing 12 plants in the unregulated recreational environment will be the obvious move for most caregivers.

Cannabis Kills Brain Cancer

After 13 years of service to the industry, caregivers are being pushed aside. Michigan patients have boasted about successful treatments for everything from incurable cancers to simple skin conditions like eczema. "Why don't we matter any more?" Exclaims Kristina Bailey and long time patient here in Michigan. This seems to be the general vibe amongst most patients dependent on the caregivers for a better quality of life.

This push away from medical marijuana and all that means to so many of us is also a shift away from the simple facts and reality that cannabis really does cure cancer and more. The science is not considered. Uncle Pete (the author) of Prudenville Michigan has worked with thousands of patients including many brain cancer patients that were absolutely successful in their treatments. That fact was and is as obvious as the scans they had along the way. The research is done folks. The issue is the refusal to accept this simple reality. If it was even considered.....there would be no worries about a diminished medical marijuana program here in Michigan or anywhere else. Michigan Caregivers like Uncle Pete and many others have shown us this over and over and over again.

Does cannabis cure cancer? Yes. Without doubt.

Does this matter to our legislators? No. Absolutely not.

Where do we go from here?

This author has spent thousands of hours educating individuals about cannabis oil ever since it saved my life from liver cancer over a decade ago. I would not be here to write this article if it were not for cannabis oil saving my life. Plain and simple facts that are not disputable. Or up for debate for that matter.

Our legislators have abandoned all commitment and interest in the science and facts surrounding medical marijuana. They have chosen to take the "head in the sand" approach instead. There are no words and even less of a defense against such tactics. Science and facts should always play a role in legislation and legislators should feel some moral obligation to science. Instead we have the reality we see ourselves in today.

Once you accept the truth about cannabis curing cancer......the truth about everything and everyone has no choice but to follow. This reality is enough to crush the soul of any compassionate and/or intelligent human being.

I honestly have no more words.

Uncle Pete


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