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Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Most experienced farmers prefer regular seeds instead of feminized seeds. This article's intent is to explore why this is true.

They call me "Uncle Pete" and I have made a few million cannabis seeds and created a few dozen strains in the process. I prefer growing and selling regular cannabis seeds for a few reasons. I once swore I would never make or sell feminized seeds but have since given in to the overwhelming demand for them. I would be a stubborn fool otherwise.

Feminized seeds sure do make it simple for beginner farmers that are concerned with sorting or sexing their plants. There is a common complaint about wasting space and time growing males when we can just start with feminized seeds instead. On the surface this is a solid point.

Two things I would suggest taking a deeper look at before making this common choice for yourself.

1) A farmer still needs to be able to identify male and female plants to be successful.

2) The risk with feminized seeds is that they may perpetuate the hermaphrodite trait (this is how feminized seeds are made) or sprout male flowers as well as female.

This is a common occurrence and is much harder to prevent for inexperienced or experienced farmers. The tiny banana 🍌looking male flowers hide among female flowers and can be difficult to spot until it us too late. The result is a garden filled with unwanted seeds from all female plants. After this happens to you, it will be really obvious why experienced farmers prefer growing from regular seeds or a proven clone that does not hermaphrodite. (Usually from a mother that was not a feminized seed)

We will continue to offer feminized seeds as the market demands it. I just wanted to share some of my experiences and offer some perspective for folks before they make that important decision of which seeds to purchase.

Happy farming!

Uncle Pete



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